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Energy efficient water heater

Breathe easier, and live more comfortably.

Furnaces, baseboards, and boilers make homes uncomfortable, fill your air with pollutants, and waste energy. Learn how you can make your home more comfortable, reduce indoor air pollution, and save money by switching to a heat pump.

The most boring way to save money.

We know. There are a lot more exciting things in the world than water heaters. But replacing your inefficient water heater with a more energy-efficient heat pump water heater can save you $200 to $600 per year.

Smarter light bulbs that save you money.

Switching to LED lights can save you thousands of dollars. LEDs also offer much more control over things like color and brightness, which means you can design your home's interior exactly like you want it.

The future of cooking is electric.

Gas stoves produce unhealthy indoor air pollution that hurts your family's health. Learn why alternatives like induction cooktops and ranges are better for your lungs and just simply a better way to cook.

Cut the drafts, and stop wasting money.

You shouldn’t have to wear a winter coat in your home or sweat in your sleep. Learn how insulation and air sealing can make your home more comfortable and save you hundreds of dollars each year.

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